Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' first North American collaboration with Economical Insurance, to provide access to its PULSE and Network services

  • The collaboration supports Economical Insurance's desire to grow its business and strengthen its ability to serve clients with international interests
  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers insurers a solution to service their international customers using its network of over 150 countries, streamlined financial processes, knowledge, and PULSE platform
  • PULSE allows insurers and brokers to manage structured and compliant international programs on one platform and deliver international programs in a transparent and efficient manner
  • Insurers gain access to Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' network of over 150 local offices and network partners, and benefit from a globally standardized property policy integrated into the PULSE platform
  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions aims to advance corporate insurance, address industry inefficiencies and improve the customer experience by developing industry solutions insurers and brokers can access

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions today announced it has signed an agreement with the Canadian insurer Economical Insurance to provide its PULSE platform for its first insurer in North America. Following collaborations with the global broking company Brokerslink in 2019 and insurers LocalTapiola and Württembergische Versicherung in 2020, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is making its international program solution more broadly available outside of Europe. The PULSE platform enables users to manage and deliver structured and compliant multinational programs from a single online platform and provides insurers access to its international network of more than 150 offices and partners.

PULSE, which launched in 2019, leverages new technologies to make program delivery more efficient and improve the customer experience. PULSE also leverages a globally standardized property policy providing customers efficiency, compliance, and clarity of coverage. As a result, customers benefit from increased contract certainty and faster processes. 

This collaboration with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions enables Economical Insurance to take on lead positions and provide innovative services to its new and existing clients with international interests. 

"We are pleased to collaborate with Economical Insurance so they can benefit from our digital PULSE platform," stated Adrian Hall, CEO Canada Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. "Swiss Re Corporate Solutions continues to move the digitalization of corporate insurance forward, underlining our ambition to simplify complex international program delivery through technology." 

”We’re pleased to collaborate with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to continue the diversification of the commercial business at Economical and provide world class solutions,“ said Fabian Richenberger, Executive Vice-President, Commercial Insurance, Economical. “This is a very positive opportunity for our valued broker partners to serve their Canadian customers who have business interests outside of the country.”