Weather risk conference in Berlin looks at new energy business models

Now in its seventh year, this annual conference has evolved into one of the leading energy industry events in Europe. "We attracted almost 100 guests representing 70 companies – twice as many as at our first event in Amsterdam seven years ago," comments Stuart Brown, Head Origination Weather & Energy EMEA and APAC.
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions was among the first companies to offer weather protection to its corporate clients. Managing weather risk has become our distinctive line of business and today we remain the world's leading provider of risk products linked to air temperature, rainfall, wind and solar irradiation. "With this annual event, we provide a platform for our long-standing clients to share experiences with new clients and to compare observations with industry specialists about how weather hedging is relevant to their own business," says Stuart.
Weather risk management has come of age as a multi-faceted, complex field with many variables to consider. The conference participants discussed various challenges the European energy industry faces, and examined the most pressing issues, such as big data, new customer demands and wind hedging products evolving in several directions. New users of weather risk products shared their hands-on experiences in starting to hedge weather risk.
Bertrand Piccard from Solar Impulse sent his greetings to the conference participants from a climate conference in China, and a member of his team shared the Solar Impulse story and how they managed weather risk during their round-the-world flight.
The social programme at Berlin's landmark locations included relaxed pre-conference drinks at a cafe in Tiergarten and dinner on the top floor of the Reichstag.  
Juerg Trueb, Head Environmental & Commodity Markets, concluded after the conference: "Such events help us to understand the real issues our clients face in their business. They share their unique perspectives and are generous with feedback. With their input, we can continue to innovate and improve our weather risk products and offer solutions tailored to our clients' needs."
Visit the 7th Annual Weather and Energy Conference event page to view the event's agenda.