CyberSolution 360°

Combined cyber insurance and protection services tailored for SMEs

CyberSolution 360° combines cyber insurance and cyber attack protection services in a risk management solution that is specifically tailored to the risks small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face. The cyber security part of the solution monitors SMEs' three main points of a cyber attack – websites, emails and endpoints – to make sure they are protected 24/7.

Resilience is at the heart of the innovation: The cyber protection services reduce the likelihood a risk will occur and give SMEs continuous protection for growing their businesses safely. If an incident occurs, our CyberSolutions 360° insurance coverage reduces the cyber incident's impact.

Cyber Security Services


Cyber Insurance

Web Security

Analyzes website traffic in real time to protect against injection-type attacks, denial of service attacks or bad bots propagating malware or stealing data


Incident Management

Covers computer forensic expenses, costs of notification, administrative inquiries, communication, and legal advice as well as data recovery and administrative penalties

Email Security

Scans emails before they are delivered to employees' mailboxes to protect against malware, phishing and spear phishing attacks


First Party Loss

Covers loss of income and additional costs, such as costs related to extortion or attempted extortion, consulting and subsequent communication

Endpoint Security

Protects each Windows or MacOS computer against different types of malware like viruses, trojans, ransomware, crypto-miners and others


Third Party Claim

Covers damages and defense costs under your privacy liability


a comprehensive cyber risk management solution for European SMEs


We teamed up with the French cyber security specialist OZON to create a tailor-made solution for SMEs with 10 to 250 employees to help them manage their cyber and digital risks. CyberSolution 360° uses exclusively European cyber security technologies.

Why should your company consider CyberSolution 360°?

Protect. OZON's integrated cyber protection services combine technologies, processes and human expertise, and the system constantly adapts to new cyber threats. You can track suspicious and malicious activities in real-time via an online dashboard.

Respond. Getting CyberSolution 360° only takes a few minutes and does not require a security questionnaire or risk assessment. You'll receive a quote immediately, and can sign your policy online. In the case of an incident, our experts will help you resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Insure. By putting in place adequate financial protection, we make an SME's business more resilient. We do not apply a surcharge or limitations of guarantees for previous incidents.

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