Your long-term energy protection ally

The energy sector faces numerous challenges and requires significant expertise. Whether you need to hedge against weather events or commodity price rises, cover the construction of your renewable energy project or insure the operation of your petrochemical plant, we have the knowledge, experience and risk appetite to help you with your risk transfer needs.

Risk management expertise, worldwide. Energy providers face severe, complex risks. Our global underwriting team shares your understanding of trends in the energy market. We use our deep technical knowledge to create tailored insurance solutions that help provide long-term protection.

Capacity and financial strength. Energy is a high risk area. You may need capacity in the billions of dollars on single risk items and a wide coverage of high severity risks. We have the financial backing and resources of the Swiss Re Group and can offer highly rated capacity and tailored solutions.

A commitment to service and lasting relationships. In this constantly evolving sector, our experts around the world continue to provide local support. We'll work with you to address your needs while maintaining the highest risk engineering, environmental and claims management standards.

Advocating for renewable energy