Hilton Gomes dos Santos

Hilton Gomes dos Santos Head Claims Latin America Latin America

Hilton joined Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in Brazil in January 2011 Claims Manager Surety, Property Special Lines and was promoted to Head Claims in January 2018.

Hilton has more than 20 years of market experience which includes 15 years in claims. Have worked before in one local Insurer in Brazil and in an international American Insurer with branch in Brazil and also for International Loss Adjuster company.

Having graduated with a degree in Law, Hilton has successfully handled a number of significant complex and large surety, marine, liability, property, BI and litigated claims.

Hilton is a strong Claims manager and good team Leader who is well-respected by the market and his team. and who is very focused on delivering our Claims Commitment and striving for claims excellence, as well as improving our performance in the region and building out our core capabilities.