Thomas Kocher Manager Research & Technical Development

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Thomas Kocher is a Senior Risk Engineer in the Oil and Petrochemicals group. His responsibilities include worldwide offshore/upstream industries, for which he acts as industry team lead. He also leads the risk engineering business interruption team. Prior to joining SwissRe in 2012 he held different technical specialist and project management positions in Shell Upstream International and Shell Global Solutions in the Netherlands, enjoying working on projects across the globe. He holds a PhD in Geoscience and Geomechanics from the ETH of Zurich.

Thomas has a strong interest in human and organizational factors, which brings him into contact with safety management in seemingly unrelated fields such as aviation or healthcare. He regularly represents SwissRe in external cross-industry safety management groups. He is an enthusiastic mountaineer and diver (depending on location), with a clear preference towards winter outdoor activities which he enjoys with his family.