A data-driven parametric hailstorm insurance solution

Severe thunderstorms – often accompanied by hail – cause billions of dollars in losses every year. Last year in the United States, those losses surpassed $20 Billion. Businesses exposed to hail damage often face gaps in coverage in their traditional insurance policies.

Available in 11 hail-prone states in the U.S., HAIL can protect you from the financial impact of a significant hailstorm. Coverage includes physical damage, lost revenue due to business interruption, or significant retentions in traditional property policies.

The policy trigger uses hail data provided by CoreLogic®, a US-based hail data analytics leader.

How does HAIL work?

The parametric structure of HAIL delivers the coverage with clear, transparent terms and speedy payout timelines. With the help of data analytics, each policy is tailored to reflect the way the insured experiences the event – from its severity to the potential losses.

The benefits of knowing the payout amount in the event of a severe hail event impacting your business before such an event happens and having the flexibility to use the funds in the best way to help your business recover are key for our customers. Those benefits provide our customers with a peace of mind that they did not have before.

Maximum Hail Size (inches)

Payout (% of Limit)

1.25 – 1.49


1.50 – 1.74


1.75 – 1.99




What can the payout be used for?

  • Fill in the traditional insurance deductible
  • Cover business interruption and other additional expenses following a hail event
  • Fund losses from coverages that are excluded or sub-limited in the traditional insurance program
  • Cover additional expenses following an event

Where is HAIL Available?

Currently, HAIL is available in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas.

What is parametric insurance?

Parametric insurance policies are index-based products that pay out when a specific peril meets or exceeds a certain pre-determined intensity (trigger) at a defined location, and the insured incurs losses. Learn more about parametric solutions.