3D printing – From science fiction to reality

Although 3D printing sounds like something out of science fiction, it's increasingly part of our daily lives. Thanks to the exponential growth of this technology, almost anything you might want can be made ready to order. Already we've seen 3D printers create medical devices, cosmetics, toys, even food!

The possibilities are endless – but so are the risks. 3D printing is creating enormous challenges for companies and the insurance industry. As 3D printing grows in prevalence, organisations as diverse as manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are seeing their longstanding business models shattered. The technology also can also increase the risk of IP violations and counterfeiting.

But the potential problems don't end there. There are also questions around what happens when something goes wrong. What does product liability mean in the age of 3D printing?

Find out:

  • How 3D printing works
  • What 3D printers can do
  • The legal and regulatory challenges of this new technology

Listen below!