Breaking the Chain: How Understanding Business Interruption Exposures Can Mean Supply Chain Resilience

You may have insurance for well-known perils like hurricanes, but have you identified all of the key links in your supply chain and assessed the potential impact to your business? Using the Swiss cheese layers of protection model, we examined a number of common pitfalls that lead to insurance coverage or claims issues, or unimagined "surprise" loss events. We also shared loss examples, including a few classic supply chain catastrophes, to help your organization better prepare for and bounce back from any loss event. Listen to the recording!

During the webinar, there were several questions about Non-damage Business Interruption (NDBI) insurance. Learn more about this coverage in our two previous webinars: Unlocking the Mystery of Non-damage Business Interruption (NDBI) Insurance and No physical damage, no problem: Case studies in Non-Damage Business Interruption insurance.

For a deeper dive into how global supply chains are undergoing a fundamental restructuring, download the Swiss Re Institute's sigma, De-risking global supply chains or listen to our webinar on the same topic.

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