Disasters Solutions for Corporates in APAC

Natural Catastrophes (NatCats) have the ability to rain havoc on all industry sectors, causing damage to assets and millions in business interruption losses. In this publication we provide comprehensive information about the NatCat events and man-made disasters that have impacted commercial business in APAC over the course of 2017.

The publication is divided into three parts:

Part I: A look back at 2017's economic and insured losses from Asia Pacific

The frequency and severity of natural catastrophes hitting the region is increasing. Economic losses from disaster events in Asia were an estimated USD 31 billion in 2017, of which USD 5 billion were covered by insurance. In this publication we look back at some of the events that impacted businesses.

Part II: A look back at some of the 2017 Nat Cat events in APAC

In the region, storm and flood losses dominate NatCat causation which usually lead to widespread damage. In this publication we highlight a number of these disaster events such as the Yangtze river basin flood in China, the deadly floods in Nepal, India and Bangladesh as well as Cyclone Debbie in Australia.

Part III: Business Interruption and Contingent Business Interruption solution

From a risk management and insurance perspective the wide spread nature of NatCats creates challenges, even with the best business continuity plans in place. In this publication we provide some practical advice and commercial insurance solutions that clients are using to protect their balance sheets from the financial impact of NatCat and Non-damage Business Interruption exposures.

In this publication you'll discover:

  • Practical advice to help you mitigate potential losses to your business to ensure you get up and running as soon as possible in the case of a catastrophic event.
  • Examples of how we've worked together with clients to implement innovative solutions to address these growing risks.