Industry focus: Food & Beverage

In the last century, many parts of the world transitioned from agricultural to industrial and service economies. As a consequence, a large section of the global population no longer feeds itself, but relies on others for its supplies. For many of us today, food normally comes from a shop, not a farm.

Assuring this supply today is not possible without globalisation. It is a process involving countless partners and interfaces, requiring logistics that are complicated and are growing more so by the day. But where there is complication there may be error. And error may lead to harm.

For producers, this can mean a proliferation of food safety issues and ultimately recalls of unsafe products.

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Safe and healthy food for all is possible in a more globalised word, if we implement the safe production policies and procedures that already exist.

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions we work hard to understand our clients' specific risk profiles, helping them to manage their risks and exposures efficiently and effectively, and to prevent losses that may arise in the evolving risk landscape. We provide and support standard and non-standard solutions. Key risk expertise that you can benefit from includes, for example, products and services liability and product recall.

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