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Companies have operations and facilities across the globe for many reasons: efficiency, supply chain coordination, access to talent and cost savings, to name a few. Like any business venture, having a multinational footprint comes with risks, many of which are country- or region-specific. For example, regulations vary by jurisdiction, exposures differ due to local building codes, occupancy rates and usage, and even exchange rate fluctuations can pose challenges.

Those factors can influence the underwriting and procurement of insurance coverage, and that’s why Swiss Re International Programs is taking the complexity out of insurance for companies with distributed operations. Its proprietary PULSE portal integrates every aspect of servicing an international program.

All of the data on an exposure is automatically fed into PULSE during the underwriting process, and when we get the binding order from our client we send the instructions to the local countries where we’re issuing policies for the program,” says William Porter, Head of International Programs for the Americas. “After the coverage is bound, everything resides in PULSE and clients and brokers can access the information they need through a single portal.” 

Porter says the transparency and accessibility offered by PULSE allows Swiss Re’s clients and broker partners to make faster and smarter decisions. And that’s what differentiates Swiss Re: a continual pursuit of technology-backed solutions that make insurance transactions simpler. For that reason, PULSE was built by a world-class team of international experts with input from clients and brokers. 

We asked clients to imagine a perfect world where their international insurance procurement would be effortless, and they said, ‘give us a single point of contact backed by expert underwriters and the ability to easily see what’s happening with the insurance program at any time.

Porter says Swiss Re is the only significant entrant into the large account International Programs space in the last 30 years. He adds that the first requirement is the ability and willingness to take a leading line on the insurance coverage. Swiss Re underscores its commitment by looking to take a lead share on all International Program risks, and through its worldwide affiliates is able to underwrite and service exposures in over 150 countries. International Programs in North America writes General Property, Energy Property and D&O.

“We’re working with clients of all sizes,” says Porter.

In fact, our fastest growing segment is SMEs that are growing through international expansion and need a secure, reliable insurance partner to protect their assets in distant regions.


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