Assessing property risks when a site visit is not possible or impractical

An in-person site visit is a crucial part of any formal risk assessment. Unforeseen events can necessitate the use of a remote survey and sometimes a formal risk assessment can be supplemented with a remote survey to update recommendation statuses, to review planned changes or follow-up on fire protection impairments.  We'll work with you to help solve your risk challenges and support your risk mitigation strategies on site or remotely, when it makes sense.

What is a remote survey?

A remote survey is a methodology to obtain property risk information remotely.

When to consider remote surveys?

Consider arranging a remote survey when access to your property is restricted. Remote surveys do not replace site visits but allow continued monitoring of a location's risk quality and the timely assessment of any emerging risk. Additionally, when a recommendation update is needed, discussions around planned changes and upgrades are considered, or fire protection systems have been impaired, a remote survey can also be used.

What are our deliverables?

Depending on the level of information made available and the type of remote survey conducted, the following can be provided:

  • Risk assessment report update
  • Risk improvement report update
  • Planned changes specification documentation
  • Impairment mitigation and update documentation

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