Crisis Management

Peace of mind in a crisis

Companies face considerable exposure due to unforeseen catastrophes. We're here to help you fill in the gaps between property and liability coverages to respond to a growing array of risks. Whether a manufacturer, processor, distributor or in another role in the value chain, we look to protect your business.

Coverage you can count on. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers contamination, defect and product failure insurance that provides balance sheet protection due to a crisis.  We collaborate with you to create long-term, tailored solutions for even your most complex exposures, with innovative coverage, best in-class underwriting and meaningful capacity.

More than insurance. To complement our product offering, we partner with WorldAware, a leading global provider of risk mitigation and crisis management services, to provide pre-incident and response services. With an operational footprint in over 120 countries, WorldAware provides a range of services to mitigate risk exposure while also having access to a global network of technical, testing, and crisis PR specialists, if needed.  

Our Claims Commitment. We believe claims service goes beyond technical expertise and a promise to pay. It means being there when you need us and having open, honest and transparent communication. Exceptional service is at the very heart of our claims management philosophy.


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