Climate risk solutions for corporates

Fit for purpose physical climate risk assessment for your portfolio

Companies increasingly appreciate that a focus on sustainability means safeguarding long term business interests, as well as being able to answer to stakeholders, investors, customers and regulators. Climate risk is the defining challenge of our time, and assessing physical climate risk impacts are an important first step towards better understanding its impacts now and in the future.

How our value-added service quantifies physical climate risks

We believe that physical climate risk assessment is a natural starting point in broader climate engagement, and forms an integral part of broader risk management that enables companies to quantify the impact of physical climate risk on their portfolios which are particularly exposed to the consequences of climatic changes now as well as in the near-, mid- or long-term future.

Leveraging global climate model outputs and using a defensible, transparent methodology, we use climate risk scores to identify a portfolio's exposure to climate change risks beyond today. Our Climate Risk Score Framework combines forward-looking climate model data for precipitation and sea-level rise with Swiss Re's global flood and storm surge zones of today to create a high-resolution assessment of physical climate risk.

With our holistic and tailored service, you can also benefit from 'deep dives' of identified climate hotspots to obtain explicit loss costs. We are also uniquely positioned to provide critical peer review of results from other climate service providers.

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