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Bernd Wilke is Senior Emerging Risk Manager at Swiss Re looking at the risks in the future for the insurance industry and beyond.

He is an expert on environmental issues, the human factor and sustainability and is currently one in a team of four looking at the top sustainability risks in Swiss Re. He worked for over twelve years as a Risk Engineer and afterwards five years as a Top Topic Manager for Swiss Re in communications.

In these functions he developed risk assessment methodologies for different industries, including the oil and chemical sectors, assisted in the environmental liability area of emerging risk, was part of the team that developed forward looking modeling in casualty and provided support to the company's claims units. In addition he worked extensively on sustainability issues worldwide. After taking some time off to travel in South America he rejoined Swiss Re as Top Topic Manager combining his experience with science journalism and risk communication.

Before joining Swiss Re he worked for Geotech, Inc. in Japan. He holds a Master's Degree in Physical Geography from the University of Basel in Switzerland and a Certificate in Science Journalism from the Swiss Journalism School in Luzern.

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    Bernd Wilke Senior Risk Manager