Innovative NatCat Covers

Helping you avoid financial disaster

Natural catastrophes can wreak havoc in their wake. If your business is exposed, you might also have assets which cannot be covered by traditional insurance. Our innovative NatCat solution is designed to protect many of these assets and your bottom line.

We have extensive knowledge of natural catastrophe risks. Our risk experience enables us to identify assets that are exposed to natural catastrophes. As a result, we can clearly illustrate your exposure and create a solution to minimise its financial impact.

We tailor solutions to help provide certainty. Since we use pre-defined parametric indices, we offer a measure of security in the face of natural catastrophes. Our NatCat cover can offer protection over single or multi-year periods, up to a maximum of five years.

Our proprietary tools can help you mitigate risk. Our modelling data allows us to give you illustrative graphics so you can understand the risks you face. We also provide access to Swiss Re CatNet®, an online portal that offers a wealth of natural hazard data and natural disaster statistics.


The first-ever typhoon warning insurance product for businesses operating in Hong Kong

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