Risk Engineering Services: Fire Protection System Impairment

In the event of any fire protection system malfunction – regardless of how small or short it may be – you need an impairment permit.  

Systems include but are not limited to:

  • sprinkler and water spray systems
  • all fire system control valves
  • fire hydrant or standpipe systems
  • fire pumps
  • fire hose systems
  • fire service mains
  • fire water storage tanks
  • foam water systems
  • wet chemical systems
  • gas suppression systems
  • fire alarms and detection systems

Why do you need an impairment permit?

A fire protection system is a critical component of protecting operations at your location. All of these systems help reduce the severity of a fire at your facility. A fire can cause significant damage to your building, production and ability to continue business operations. It is a risk to the business itself as well as to each and every employee at your company. A fire protection system can also be treated as a life-safety system, allowing for early notification, safe evacuation and possibly restricting fire growth.

Hence an isolation should be treated as seriously as an isolation to any life-safety or property protection system such as an electrical lock-out-tag-out or hot work policy.

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