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The global economy is highly integrated and vulnerable to supply chain disruptions.

Underlying drivers, such as diminishing cost arbitrage benefits, costly disruptions from more frequent natural catastrophe events, new technology and rising political risks, are reshaping global supply chains. COVID-19 is just an accelerator.

Please join us for our latest sigma series instalment on de-risking global supply chains – rebalancing to strengthen resilience.

The session covers:

  • A focus on china, the world's largest supplier of intermediate goods;
  • How COVID-19 has instilled new urgency for restructuring of global supply chains;
  • The impact of globalisation on global trade and supply chain participation;
  • Economic growth and insurance market implications – supply chain risks, ways to mitigate and examples for risk transfer via insurance;
  • The role of technology in supply chain risk management.

The webinar was hosted by Stephen Higginson, Head of Customer & Distribution for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and was joined by:

  • Irina Fan – Head Insurance Market Analysis, Swiss Re Institute

You can watch the recording here: