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How has the global economy changed and what is the outlook for 2021?

At the heart of the matter… join us for the new instalment of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions podcasts, focusing on our thought leadership.

It's been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. How has the global economy changed and what is the outlook for 2021?

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck last year, it led to the deepest recession across all economies and regional since the 2nd world war. While 2020 was focused on recession, recovery and resilience, this year appears to be showing signs of recovery.

The US economy is expected to be on a cyclical upswing. This, along with progress on the Covid vaccines rollout are projected to impact the economic outlook positively. However, with economic forecast dispersion remaining significant, how does this impact the inflation rate and the risk landscape? What does this mean for the insurance outlook? 

Please join us for our latest podcast instalment on the global economic outlook.

The session covers:
•    Factors influencing the recovery of the global economy
•    Vaccine rollout and its impact on the global and local economies
•    Dispersion of the economic forecast and the impact on interest rates and inflation
•    The risk landscape should further pandemic setbacks arise
•    The global insurance outlook and insurance premium forecasts

The podcast was hosted by Stephen Higginson, Head of Customer & Distribution for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and was joined by:
•    Jerome Haegeli – Group Chief Economist, Swiss Re Institute

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