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Join us for a short and sharp three-part webinar series where Steve Higginson, Andre Martin, Thomas Keist and Arun Mehta engage in three separate discussions on Solutions in a hardening market.

We start the series with the first discussion "The Art of the Possible – Insurance Solutions in a hardening market" – Andre Martin sets the scene by providing a detailed introduction to the changing market conditions, observed trends, capacity constraints, filling the protection gap and what alternative solutions corporations are looking for. What are the key Insurance Solutions available, new and existing?

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other!
Mary Anne Evans (a.k.a George Eliot)

The second discussion, "Pearls of Wisdom and Other Gems" – Thomas Keist joins in on the discussion and talks to us about Virtual Captive Solutions – solutions to weather the storm…A lifeboat in trouble seas. What insurance alternatives can we provide for self-financing of risk as self-insurance is for the moment at least, the economically better choice?

So…a Virtual Captive, is it real? Does it have substance? How do we provide the solution of emulating the financial mechanics of a traditional captive, but on our balance sheet? Do you think the captive approach is an economically viable alternative to traditional insurance? Hint – the advantages are quite significant, so be sure to listen in to what the benefits are, what you would consider and how you would implement a virtual captive approach.

And last but by no means least, the third in this three-part series, Arun Mehta concludes the series on the topic of "Parametric Solutions – The KIS Principle" – What is Parametric Insurance? Let's start by demystifying the term and compare it to traditional insurance that we are all very well versed in! How are deals structured, what triggers do we consider (dual and multiple triggers) and how do we price? How can we assist customers in tailoring specific covers for specific exposures? How have these solutions evolved since the advent of Index-based earthquake and weather triggered event coverage – here's a sneak peek into how our solutions have advanced and what the future holds for Parametric Solutions, it's no longer just the domain of the Three Witches!

When shall we three meet again…in thunder, lightning or rain?
Shakespeare's Macbeth

The webinars were hosted by Stephen Higginson, Head of Customer & Distribution for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, who was joined by specialists and experts:

  • Andre Martin – Head Innovative Risk Solutions APAC, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • Thomas Keist – Global Captive Solutions Leader, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • Arun Mehta – Snr Structurer Innovative Risk Solutions, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

You can watch the recordings here:

Insurance Solutions for the Hardening Market (with Andre Martin)
Virtual Captive Solutions (with Thomas Keist)
Parametric Solutions (with Arun Mehta)