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One year into the pandemic, how has it shaped our societies? What changes do we expect to see and how will this shift accelerate a new normal?

At the heart of the matter – tune into our thought leadership podcast series

As we continue to look at our world in transition seeking to explore risk and opportunities on the move, our lens on the new normal feels far from normal. Off the back of our latest SONAR research publication Emerging Risks Beyond the Pandemic, we look at the long game and continue to explore the economic, social and political toll of Covid-19.

Aside from long-term emerging risks, admist continuous lockdowns and continuing infection, what is the financial impact on the middle class and younger generation? What does the transition to a low-carbon economy look like as we make the switch to autonomous unmanned transport?

The session covers:

  • A world in transition, risk and opportunities on the move
  • Zombie companies unable to cover debt and servicing costs
  • The rise of riskier investments as other incomes seem unachievable
  • The impact and consequences of long Covid
  • Transition to a low-carbon economy and the road to net zero
  • Change in urban mobility, innovations providing opportunity and new risks

The podcast was hosted by Stephen Higginson, Head of Customer & Distribution for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and was joined by:
•   Martin Weymann – Head Sustainability, Emerging & PRM Group Qualitative Risk Management, Swiss Re

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