Surety, Trade Credit & Political Risk

As Asia emerges as the next economic superpower, an increasing number of homegrown enterprises are expanding both regionally and internationally. Whether through brick-and-mortar operations, trade relationships or investments, most businesses today are connected internationally. Amid rising geopolitical volatility, these businesses face risks associated with operating in other countries.
We provide a broad range of credit, surety and political risk solutions to corporates and banks around the globe. Our Credit & Surety Team offers bespoke surety and trade credit insurance solutions to meet the demands of corporates as well as innovative trade, commodity and infrastructure risk sharing solutions to financial institutions and assisting business owners and lenders with managing volatility in their operation which may arise form unpredictable geopolitical headwinds.

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Australia & New Zealand we offer:


  •  Surety (Bonds & Guarantees)
  •  Trade Credit Insurance
  •  Political Risk Insurance 

Financial Institutions

  •  Documentary Trade Finance
  •  Structured Commodity Trade Finance
  •  Project & Infrastructure Finance
  •  Surety (Bonds & Guarantees)

Our target customers include:

Surety & Trade Credit Insurance

  •  Large Corporates, Traders, Captive Insurers
  •  Contractors and Project Owners

Bank Trade & Infrastructure Finance (“BTI”)

  •  Financial Institutions
  •  Government Export Agencies/ECA
  •  Developmental Banks