Engineering & Construction

Leveraging the Swiss Re Group's diversified portfolio, financial strength and underwriting expertise, the highly-skilled and experienced team of Swiss Re Corporate solutions offer the Engineering & Construction sector a comprehensive array of innovative, multi-line risk transfer solutions. Our industry experts work closely with you and your clients to design the most efficient and suitable insurance offering to meet your needs. 

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Australia & New Zealand we offer:

Insurance solutions for clients involved with projects ranging from simple & straightforward to large and technically demanding projects from all sectors. Our offerings range from the Contractors All Risk and Erection All Risks cover, to associated covers for Delay Start Up and Civil Engineering Completed Risks or Inherent Defect Insurance.

Engineering All Risk Insurance covering complex construction projects worldwide, including the following areas: oil, gas, petrochemical, liquefied natural gas, power and utilities, tunnels, infrastructure, dams, ports and bridges. Our project-specific solutions can incorporate elements such as:

  • Contractor's All Risks / Erection All Risks, Delay in Start-up, Civil Engineering Completed Risks, Inherent Defect Insurance
  • Quota Share or Excess of Loss participation
  • Construction floaters / open covers 
  • Ability to offer comprehensive cross-class solutions for projects throughout the whole project lifecycle
  • Case by case consideration for covers beyond the traditional product suite
  • Renewable Energy Projects (wind power on-shore / off-shore / solar / photovoltaic / waste to energy)

One Construction draws on Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ expertise and depth of experience  in the construction industry. From a single point of contact, we cover a wide range of bespoke risk transfer solutions ranging from traditional insurance products to innovative index solutions for natural catastrophes. For more information on One Construction, please contact us. 

Our target customers include: 

  • Large & mid-sized contractors and projects
  • Power producers and suppliers (including offshore wind farm projects)
  • Large corporate clients of the oil & gas, mining or manufacturing sector
  • Public authorities involved in infrastructure and civil projects or other large building projects
  • Private entities involved in large projects

Our capacity:

We offer among the highest capacity available in the marketplace, based upon the Swiss Re Group’s diversified portfolio and strong financial rating. Our capacity deployment is dependent upon risk quality, size and nature of the risk.