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Webinar ​At the heart of the matter – Global Economic Outlook for 2021

Webinar ​sigma 6/2020 – De-risking global supply chains: rebalancing to strengthen resilience

Webinar ​The Art of the Possible – Insurance Solutions for the Hardening Market

Webinar ​Sigma Resilience Index 2020 – Global Resilience: put to the pandemic test

Webinar ​Eyes wide open? Or eyes wide shut?

Webinar ​Corporate Governance in a post-pandemic world

Webinar ​Resilience in Emerging Risk – How to manage your business through increasing disruption

Webinar ​sigma 3/2020 – Power up: investing in infrastructure to drive sustainable growth in emerging markets

Webinar ​Covid-19 and the low carbon economy. What's the link?

Webinar ​Change is upon us. "Peak Hour" may go the same way as the tape recorder and Super8!

Webinar ​sigma 2/2020 - Natural catastrophes in times of economic accumulation and climate change

Webinar ​Risk Management V4.0

Webinar ​Global Overview & Australia

Webinar ​Motivation, opportunity, rationalisation – The Fraud Triangle

Webinar ​The Global Economy is in hot water, and its twice as deep as in 2008

Webinar ​Would You Live In This House? A "drains-up" debate on the Cladding Conundrum

Webinar ​Employment Practices Liability

Webinar ​Webinar: Non-Damage Business Interruption

Webinar ​Webinar: Together tackling the next natural disaster and extreme weather