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A recent analysis by Victoria's Deakin University of 212 building audits in three states found that more than half of multi-storey buildings had at least one defect: 97% in New South Wales, 74% in Victoria and 71% in Queensland.

The first of which being the 23-storey Lacrosse Tower in central Melbourne in 2014 which has now progressed to a cladding crisis down under. The cost of fixing the unfolding national building crisis could soar past $6.2 billion, according to a new economic analysis and the construction union has reported that more than 3,400 residential unit blocks across the country have potentially flammable exterior cladding. Pressure is mounting on the government to provide more support and funding confronted with buildings that could need flammable cladding ripped off and replaced.

The session covered:

  • Legislative framework – Conflicting Interest and Consumer Protection issues;
  • The Liability framework – who is responsible and paying for the remediation? Insurance is not the only solution;
  • Response: by Government, industry, regulators and insurance; and
  • Lessons learned, minimising risks in future.

You can watch the recording below: 

Webinar: Would You Live In This House? A “drains-up” debate on the Cladding Conundrum