Property & Business Interruption

Protecting your property is the same thing as protecting your balance sheet. You need to know that steps have been taken to address risk no matter how severe the event, and that you have the capital to resume operations as quickly as possible. We have the expertise, capacity and financial strength to provide tailored Property and Business Interruption insurance solutions. And in the event of a claim, our client-focused approach aims to help you get back in business.

Business Interruption (BI) claims can be some of the most difficult and hotly contested in the insurance world – particularly in the aftermath of natural catastrophes. Today, in the wake of a number of recent large losses following major fires and explosions, cyclones and earthquakes, BI has been increasingly thrust into the spotlight. Properly structured BI coverage can provide the critical working capital needed for a business to survive a major disruption. It can be the difference between a business being able to rebuild and recover and maintain relationships with its suppliers and customers, or being severely impacted and maybe even shutting down completely. Our world-class risk knowledge enables us to offer thought leadership and guidance as well as tailored Property and Business Interruption insurance coverages. We also have our own proprietary risk modelling tools, like CatNet®, to better understand and mitigate manmade and natural perils.

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Australia & New Zealand we offer:

  • Commercial Property Insurance offering comprehensive buildings and contents protection to business' physical assets including Business Interruption and Loss of Profit.
  • International Property Program Solutions for mid-size corporates. Whether you have just one office outside of Australia & New Zealand or more and would like to control your liability risk centrally, we are happy to work with you to find a solution to your international insurance needs.
  • A commitment to service and lasting relationships include support and access to our highly qualified and experienced Risk Engineering Services team as well as providing Innovative Risk Solutions for your high risk or hard to place clients. 

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions provides coverage across a broad array of industries. We have a diverse appetite and clients also receive access to CatNet® - Swiss Re’s natural hazard and information mapping tool. Click here to read about Our Advantages.

Our target customers include:

  • Large and mid-sized corporations with locations in Australia & New Zealand
  • Most light-to-moderate hazard occupancies including but not limited to:
    • Office buildings, Metal working, Retail & Trading, Printing, Plastic parts manufacturing, Paper Products manufacturing
    • General manufacturing, Food & Beverage
    • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
    • Hotels and Resorts, Convention centres, Stadiums, Tertiary Education
    • Basic industrial chemicals, cement & concrete products manufacturing
    • Telecommunications & Media, Transportation Services

Submission requirements:

To ensure our underwriters are able to provide the highest level of service and consideration on each risk, we ask for a few minimum requirements to be met: Submission requirements

Out of Scope:

Sandwich paneling and/or EPS Structures

Our capacity:

We offer among the highest capacity available in the marketplace, based upon the Swiss Re Group's diversified portfolio and strong financial rating. Our capacity deployment is dependent upon risk quality, location(s) and occupancy. We are able to participate as Lead, Co-insurer or independently, proudly deploying capacity via a variety of structures, primary and/or excess layer, quota share, single carrier, or any combination thereof.