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The telephone (1876) took almost 70 years to attract 100 million users, whereas Facebook (2004) achieved that many users in five years and Candy Crush (2012) in only three. Soon we should expect to see start-up organisations emerge that can attract a 100 million customers in less than a year and a billion customers within three.

The potential for big data, smart technologies and complex-integrated cyber systems to revolutionise our working world is no longer deniable nor avoidable. Over the next few decades, new generation technologies are expected to both disrupt and transform everything we currently accept as leading practice and business as usual. In turn, the risk management discipline is going to have to evolve to keep up.

Join us for the following webinar as we discuss an academic view of how cyber technologies, complex systems and natural resilience will shape a future version of the risk management discipline... a Risk 4.0, if you will.   

You can watch the recording below: