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In 2018 Australian industries were ravished by a range of perils; cyclones, droughts, floods, hailstorms and wildfires, which caused widespread damage and disruption to supply chains. During the webinar we will focus on the increasing number of natural disasters and extreme weather events in Australia and what risk managers are doing to prepare for, and protect, their assets and balance sheets.

We will also draw on the Swiss Re Institute's newly released annual natural catastrophes and manmade disasters sigma report, which reported global insured losses from natural catastrophes of USD 76 billion in 2018. The fourth highest on sigma records.

We will also cover:

  • The urgency in tackling the impact from natural disasters given that climate change is contributing to more severe and more frequent weather events which have profound social and economic effects on communities and businesses

  • The facts around the increase in 'secondary perils' and the correlation between disasters and climate change

  • What the future might bring for businesses in Australia as the world gets warmer

  • How risk professionals can assess their exposure

  • Examples of parametric, index-based solutions that can help mitigate the consequences of natural catastrophe risk

  • Overview of our contributions to the climate and disaster risk resilience agenda in Australia and the region

Registration: to find out more please email Lisa Matthews