Anthony Reardon Managing Director ERM International

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Anthony has over 20 years experience working in Australia and overseas. He was awarded Australasia’s Risk Manager of the Year in 2018 for excellence in risk management and contribution to the profession.

Before starting ERM International, Anthony was the Head of Risk Strategy and Transformation for BHP where he led a global transformation program to elevateBHP tointernational best practice.

While in Canada, he led the remediation of the risk team and risk practices for a multi-billion dollar project following significant failings.

While living in Singapore, Anthony led the design and implementation of a global SAP Enterprise Risk solution, as well as working withmarketing and commercialteams in financial and commercial risk management.

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Anthony led a catastrophic risk management program in response to multiple fatality events in 2008. The success of this program has resulted in the clientbeing fatality free to this day.

Anthony has also worked in insurance as a Chief Risk Officer regulated by APRA under CPS220.